Prairie Street Brewing Co: Re-Branding

It seemed like fate when the owners of the former Rockford Brewing Company reached out to GrahamSpencer. We had been considering calling them for some time. We were big fans of the brewery, but their current identity, menus and other materials didn’t live up to the quality of the their beer, food or customer experience.

Our clients-to-be said they needed help assessing, streamlining, re-building and promoting the brewery’s brand. What ensued over a good part of 2015 and early 2016 was a frenzy of GrahamSpencer’s research & strategic planning methodology, graphic design, writing, production and validation research.

In the Spring of 2016, the new brand, based on the heritage and legend of Jonathan Peacock, who first brewed beer on Prairie Street in Rockford in 1849, was launched. The story of Jonathan Peacock, largely unleveraged at that point, proved “sticky” among validation research participants and led to the uniquely surprising “peacock” and feathers-driven graphic identity program.

The new brand was met with rave reviews as were the new menu, point of purchase signage, crowlers and growlers designs, merchandise, weddings/events collateral and much more. At this writing, GrahamSpencer is engaged in the creation of a new website for Prairie Street Brewing Co.