RMTD: Promoting Choice Ridership

Efficiently moving people around large metropolitan areas is an increasingly important public priority. Rockford, Illinois, however, is a city in which mass transportation has yet to become popular among all segments of the community. In an effort to build “choice” ridership, Rockford Mass Transit District wished to build a dynamic, more functional website.

It also wanted to improve its image and attract new riders via online and offline advertising campaigns. When RMTD’s current transit app failed as a data source for the website’s trip planning function, GS opted to make RMTD one of the first organizations of its size to incorporate Google Transit Feed Specification for its trip planner data feed.

Not only is Google Transit Feed a reliable source of data for the new website, but RMTD now appears as a travel option on inner-city trips users search on their mobile phones in Google Maps.

The advertising campaign was cast, shot and post-produced locally and 100% in-house and has been broadly noticed and praised within the community.