RMTD: Promoting Choice Ridership

Efficiently moving people around large metropolitan areas is an increasingly important public priority. Rockford, Illinois, however, is a city in which mass transportation has yet to become popular among all segments of the community. In an effort to build “choice” ridership, Rockford Mass Transit District wished to build a dynamic, more intuitive website. RMTD also wanted to improve its image and attract new riders via online and offline advertising campaigns.

When RMTD’s current transit app failed as a reliable data source for the website’s trip planning function, GS opted to make RMTD a part of the Google Transit Program and went through the steps to create a General Transit Feed Specification from their route data.

Not only is the General Transit Feed Specification used with Google Transit a reliable source of data for the new website, but RMTD now appears as a travel option on inner-city trips users’  searches on mobile phones in Google Maps.

GrahamSpencer also modernized system and individual route maps, re-illustrating them from the ground up. This ensures riders can now easily find the information they seek while not being overwhelmed by non-essential content.

The advertising campaign was cast, shot and post-produced 100% in-house and has been broadly noticed and praised within the community. The site won a Gold ADDY in 2017. The digital campaign won both a Gold ADDY and Best of Show/Digital in 2018 and the “Make an Impact” cable/broadcast/digital spot won Silver in 2019.