In 2018, Susan Deery of Rockford Speedway commissioned GrahamSpencer to conduct GSearch, our proprietary blend of qualitative/quantitative primary & secondary research and strategic brand planning on behalf of her family’s iconic Loves Park, IL business. 

Founded in 1948, Rockford Speedway has been a part of the cultural fabric of the Rockford Region for as long as most residents can remember. For decades, drivers and fans have flocked to Rockford Speedway to experience the sights and sounds of short track racing on the challenging, high-banked oval racers have respectfully dubbed Wreckford. They proudly say, “if you can finish a race at Rockford Speedway, you can drive anywhere.”  

During GSearch, we followed a rich line of inquiry with an eager respondent list that included employees, retired and active racers, competing track owners, fans and more.  The work revealed many opportunities for the track to improve its marketing and communications efforts, as well as a few foundational business practices. We dug deep, studying everything from the track’s website and advertising practices to concessions and fan engagement and the best practices of other race tracks operations and marketing techniques. 

Number one on Rockford Speedway’s wishlist for development was a new, more dynamic, more engaging website. GrahamSpencer was proud to design, build and launch in 2018/19. A responsive, mobile-first design, it was built with the needs of key Rockord Speedway stakeholders in mind: die-hard race fans, entertainment seekers, sponsors and drivers. 

Among those groups, drivers were deemed most important and a special section was created to help shine a spotlight on them. Long term, track officials hope to fully populate the driver section with the bios and accomplishments of its most important constituents – the loyal, passionate racers who make Rockford Speedway’s world go ‘round. When visitors view the site on desktop, laptop and tablet devices, they are treated to a video loop that gives them a quick taste of the kind of action they can enjoy with a visit to the track. 

If you’re interested in learning how GrahamSpencer can help you win the race for new customers, please contact us. We’d be happy to jump in the pits and help you soup up your brand, as well.